FCIDD Projects

The foundation has helped numerous organizations through member Civitan Clubs. 

This was a $3.6 million project, of which FCIDD granted $53,000 total. ARCPark allows people both with and without disabilities to play together. It creates inclusion and it eliminates defining differences.


Everyone's the same and everyone has fun. It also provides an excellent learning platform for motor and manipulative skills. We have been marvelously overwhelmed at the general public's response to ARCPark.


There are people there literally from opening to closing, both disabled and non-disabled. It's a clean, safe, well-designed venue for the ENTIRE community. Stigmatic walls tumble.

The ARCPark


Years ago, FCIDD bought a commercial grade scanner  ($30,000) for Greater Richmond ARC as one of the first of six now in production.


The commercial scanning process involves numerous tasks from removing staples to reviewing the final scan, thus several levels of ability work in the same venue.


For our clients who are selected, it trains them to do competitive, out-in-the-real-world work that can lead to employment.

Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to sail on the Bay.

Accessible Sailing

Camp Baker Dormitory

One-hundred summer campers and numerous respite recipients spend their nights in this modern dormitory which houses males on one side and females on the other.


Prior to this dorm, clients used WWII vintage cabins with rickety old bunk beds, window unit AC's, and whatever heat source was workable. Just because we refer to our summer clients as "campers" doesn't mean that it's appropriate to relegate them to a Spartan experience.


The dorm gives our folks the comfort and dignity they deserve. It's been so long ago that I cannot remember the dorm's total cost or FCIDD's grant amount, but, like many of our projects, FCIDD enabled completion on-time.

Accessible Minivan

With the help of the FCIDD, Providence Center has been able to purchase a wheelchair accessible minivan to help get people to their jobs, volunteer assignments and other activities within their community.

Sensory Rooms

Create multi-sensory environments that provide cutting edge therapy for people to maximize their sensory capabilities, develop skills and provide opportunities for relaxation.

Workplace Renovations

Renovate the Providence Center Pottery Studio to create a community art center that offers classes and activities.  


With the help of FCIDD, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the Vista School have access to whiteboard technology in their classroom. 

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We also support research!!

Foundation for Children

with Intellectual and 

Developmental Disabilities

The FCIDD was founded for the purpose of providing support to organizations that serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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