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ArtStream: Theatre for an Inclusive World

The FCIDD’s August 2022 grant is helping ArtStream accomplish their vision to build an inclusive world where everyone can “perform their art out.”

"ArtStream has helped boost my self-confidence in ways I never thought possible. It has helped me make wonderful friends, a task I’ve never been very good at. It has allowed me to sing and dance and speak in front of an audience,” said a 30-year-old ArtStream actor of the difference ArtStream has made in his life. The FCIDD’s support guaranteed the success of ArtStream’s new world of hybrid programs and rehearsals, which were created and expanded on a wing and a prayer during the successive waves of isolation and social distancing required by the COVID pandemic. Thanks to the FCIDD’s support, more individuals can access ArtStream’s classes, workshops, and theatrical games that require them to engage, communicate, collaborate, make eye contact, think on their feet, make connections, synthesize information, and solve problems. ArtStream’s demanding and very entertaining process encourages ArtStreamers to discover their creativity and strengths, and perform with confidence.

ArtStream purchased the following essential equipment with the funds received from the FCIDD:

  • 75 portable green screens for virtual, at-home backdrops to ensure personal privacy and improve video quality

  • 32 wireless microphones for use in live performances

  • Tablets and laptops for Zoom and hybrid rehearsals in the classroom and participants’ homes

  • Projector for video scenery and virtual backdrops

  • New clothing racks and shelving for their 3,000-piece costume shop


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