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Civitan Club of Baltimore Grant Recipient

A Baltimore City Public School that serves the city’s most critically disabled and medically frail children ages 3-21, is more than half a century old, and far too small lto carry out its mission of providing daily care to children with intensive medical needs.

The school was founded in 1933 to serve children with polio and named after Dr. William S. Baer, a Johns Hopkins physician, and a legacy Baltimore Civitan Club member. He was a founding member of the Baltimore Civitan Club. 

The total grant was for $125,000, with $75,000 being given by FCIDD and the Civitan Club of Baltimore donating $50,000. The gift will find a complete overhaul of the health suite.

This remodel was designed with significant input from the school’s key stakeholders and will meet the needs of the school community during and beyond the pandemic years.

The remodeled health suite will be named for Tommy McNulty, whose family has ties to the Baier School. 


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